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Rent and Utility Assistance


In early 2016, the National Resource Defense Council released a study confirming that:

Low income, households of color, multifamily and renting households spend a much larger percentage of their income on energy bills than the average family.

“For example, low-income households—many of whom live in older housing with poor ventilation and aging, inefficient appliances and heating systems—spend, on average, 7.2 percent of their income on utility bills, which amounts to about $1,700 annually out of $25,000 in median household income. That is more than triple the 2.3 percent spent by higher-income households for electricity, heating and cooling.”

“High energy burdens and poor housing quality then contribute to health problems: poorly heated or cooled homes contribute to asthma, respiratory problems, heart disease, arthritis, and rheumatism. Families struggling to pay energy bills may sacrifice nutrition, medicine and other necessities, which compound the effects of inequality.”

Give $250 to a family in need this year, and help them cover their utility bills.

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