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Sponsor A Be Ready Navigator


The purpose of the Be Ready Navigator is to help families with young children, from 0-8 years old, get connected to any resource that they may need to be successful. 

Whether it be a need related to language and learning, feelings and behavior, or health and activity, the navigator is there to help.

This is a free resource to the community that came about through a community-wide collaboration focused on school-readiness called "Be Ready Larimer County". Forty-one organizations in Larimer County have been a part of the Be Ready public awareness campaign, with a goal of making Larimer County one of the best places in the country to raise children.

In 2016, the Be Ready Navigators:

Referred 83 families to much needed services
Served 159 children
Assisted 62% of families helped with CCAP paperwork
Assisted 81% of families helped with researching and finding quality childcare
Assisted 64% of families helped with additional resources around Early Childhood and Parenting
Enrolled 18% of parents helped in parenting classes
Supported 11 families with getting into appropriate schools
Supported 12 families with locating resources for special needs
Supported 17 families with accessing appropriate healthcare for their children
Connected 65% of families helped with community activities and age appropriate activities

Suggested donation: $100
Donations of any amount will go towards this cause

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