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Sponsor a Work Navigator



We sponsor WorkLife Partership - an organization in Fort Collins focused on stabilizing working families and their communities - through our Working Families Thrive collaborative working group grant.

Senior business leaders have identified talent-driven innovation as the number 1 determinant of competitiveness.

While finding and hiring key talents is a critical organizational competency, associated turnover costs can hurt an organization’s bottom line. Losing employees is costly and time consuming- research has shown that the average cost of replacing an employees can reach as much as two times their salary. By comparison, training and developing existing employees may be one of the most effective ways to address the skills challenge and to develop a sustainable talent strategy. Rather than finding a quick fix with external talent, companies can take a look at upskilling their existing workforce first. 
From 2014-2015, WorkLife Partnership provided a cost-savings of over $2 million to local Larimer County employers by improving employee retention rates.

As of January 2015, 5 million jobs remained unfilled in the United States. America’s unmet need for skilled workers means that many job roles remain unfilled; moreover forecasts predict this trend it likely to continue to worsen. We're looking to change that.

94% of senior business leaders agree their internal training and development programs are among the most effective workforce development strategies, and 72% agree that involvement with local schools and community colleges is effective.  

The cost to provide a work navigator for one person is about $1,250. Donations of any amount will go towards this cause.

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