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Service to Go projects are ongoing DIY projects that can be completed anytime, anywhere throughout the year - at your business, home, etc!


  • These projects provide meaningful resources for United Way Community Impact partner organizations that serve individuals, families, and children in need in Larimer County.

  • Service to Go is great for groups as well as individuals.

  • Why:

  • As volunteers, we often want to make our community a better place, but sometimes it can be hard to find the time or know where to start. Service to Go projects are small yet significant things you can do that make a powerful impact in someone’s life.

  • How:

  • Choose from the many projects below! 

  • Upon signing up, we will send you everything you need to know to complete the project, including the purpose, impact, materials needed, instructions for completion, relfection, drop-off instructions, and helpful tips and resources!

  • Not ready to committ? Don't worry. Clicking Sign-Up on a project below is simply your expression of interest, not a hard committment. United Way staff will email you with more information to help meet your needs. 

  • Unsure of which project to choose? Our tips and guides can help you decide! 

    Starting: Friday, January 1, 2016

    Create fun and educational ABC flashcards that help teach young children the fundamentals of reading and writing.

    The first eight years of a child's life are most critical in terms of learning. During these years, children gain many of the basic learning patterns and abilities that they will build upon for the rest of their lives. These alphabet flashcards are a way to further those skills and improve individual cognition through interactive learning.

    Create a "thinking of you" card for a member of the community who might not have anyone to spend birthdays or holidays with.

    Birthday and Holiday Cards not only provide essential basic needs for struggling individuals; they also bring comfort and let someone know they are cared for.

    United Way of Larimer County

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    Coloring Books

    Create a fun coloring book for children when they are receiving temporary shelter and services from local facilities.

    Coloring books give kids the chance to take a break from stressful and chaotic times, and allow them to creatively express themselves through a learning activity where they are in control. Coloring books ensure that a child in poverty has something that can be theirs and full of imagination.

    These coloring books are a way to provide both interactive learning and a basic need to children in poverty.

    United Way of Larimer County

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    Coupon Clipping

    Help provide financial assistance to low-income families who may be struggling to make ends meet, by clipping and gathering coupons.

    Coupons make it possible for individuals and families to save money and have the necessary items their family needs. These families often do not receive newspapers or have access to printers, so clipping coupons provides the opportunity for local families to help meet their budgetary plans.

    Create a Digital Citizenship Survival Kit to teach youth about digital citizenship, internet ettiquette, online safety, and more for their own safety and literacy when it comes to online activity.

    Digital citizenship is critical for education and youth success. From an early age, youth are exposed to technology and online activity for teaching and learning in their education and personal lives.

    Put together an essential diaper kit for low-income families who may not have the funds or easy access to clean diapers or baby wipes for their children.

    Emergency Diaper Kits provide essential basic needs for struggling families, and these items can often be inaccessible or expensive. Basic needs services are critical to getting people back on their feet and on the road to self-sufficiency.

    United Way of Larimer County

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    First Aid Kits

    Put together a first aid kit with all the necessary items to treat a minor injury, allowing for homeless individuals to care for themselves in the event of an accident.

    These kits are important to people experiencing homelessness, because they provide a way for them to take care of themselves if they get a cut, a burn, or another small injury. First Aid Kits create an opportunity to provide self-care and maintain positive habits in order to prevent larger, long-term health problems.

    United Way of Larimer County

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    Greeting Cards

    Create a "thinking of you" card to accompany a meal delivery to a homebound individual, bringing comfort and care.

    This card is an interaction that is cherished by many homebound citizens of Larimer County; it lets them know that they are cared for and a part of this community.

    United Way of Larimer County

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    Hygiene Kits

    Put together a hygiene kit for a homeless or struggling individual who is unable to purchase or access general hygiene items on a daily basis.

    The kits are given to individuals and homeless families who come to facilities of direct service providers, often without anything to meet their basic needs. Providing hygiene items allows them to balance their budgets and have money to pay for important items such as rent, utilities, and food. When people's basic needs are met, their self-esteem is boosted and they are better able to focus on reaching self-sufficiency.

    United Way of Larimer County

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    Literacy Kits

    Create a literacy kit with a children's book and hands-on activities for children to enjoy during the process of interactive learning and reading.

    The first eight years of a child's life are most critical in terms of learning. During these years, children gain many of the basic learning patterns and abilities that they will build upon for the rest of their lives.

    A literacy kit is comprised of a children's book and a collection of related objects, games, or other activities designed to make reading interactive and enjoyable for young children. Contents of the literacy kit can help bring books to life and deepen the reading experience for the child. Literacy kits can give teachers, child care workers and volunteer readers, ready-to-use tools to support the development of a child's skills in language and literacy, creative thinking, story retelling, counting, alliteration, and more.

    The literacy kits help kids that need it most continue to learn the basics of reading and writing, and they help to ensure our community's children are prepared for future success.