NOTE: Any opportunities marked 'RESERVED' are not available for general registration.

We need someone to take minutes at our board meeting that meets every 4th Thursday of the month from 5pm to 7 pm.

Looking for volunteers to caulk already installed baseboards. They are stock white and need painting to match the wall color. We have the paint and caulking, just need the man-power to get the project done!

Assist individuals and staff at our Adult Care house in downtown Fort Collins. Activities include arts & crafts, puzzles, learning new skills, etc. Staff members are always present in this setting. As this is a 24 hour facility, hours can be completed during the evening or on weekends.

Assist individuals and staff in program areas that take place at Foothills Gateway such as our Pre-Vocational program, Retirement Room, or Intensive Supports program. Staff are always present in these programs - great for volunteers who are a little shy about volunteering one-on-one.

Foothills Gateway, Inc.


Spend time with an individual with a developmental disability one-on-one in an effort to foster a positive friendship. Activities can include going to movies, attending sporting events, going for hikes, attending art classes, etc. Hours are flexible, but volunteers are strongly encouraged to be committed and willing to meet on a consistent basis. Staff are not present in this volunteer program.

Grand Family Coalition, Inc., a grass roots non profit organization is seeking individual to volunteer from home to assist with rapidly growing organization. We are seeking individual for a Program / Volunteer Coordinator. This person will be required to attend weekly meetings to take notes and do follow up. Be able to communicate with other organizations for opportunities and services, then posting them on our FaceBook page and Data Resource pages. Be able to connect with CSU and other agencies to employee volunteers for events and coordinate volunteers day of event. Need to have good communication skills and able to connect with community agencies and follow up with clients. Communicate with Board of Directors and administrative staff. Computer skills required, Word, Xcel and email list serve software. Will need to work with older adults as well as youth. Will assist with event planning and coordinating. This is a very part time position and may eventually be a paid position if and when Grant Funds are received. This would be a great job for a Student, retired person or fill in part time position. Should be interested in the outcomes of youth in the foster / kinship system and willingness to work with youth and older adults.

This picnic is put on for grandparents and other kin raising kin. Youth participate in fun activities and families enjoy a day of fun and connecting with others in their situation. Volunteers are needed for several duties including:
Event Assistant: Help with setting up food tables, activity tables, loading and unloading supplies.
Photographer: two people are needed, one to take Fun Photo's at a booth and another to take photo's of the event through out the day.
Youth event coordinator: Assist youth group in organizing games to be played at the event. Activities include Water Balloon Toss, Tug of War, Water Bucket Relay, Fishing for Marbles, Fun Photo Booth, Face Painting and more. Volunteers will assist setting up the activities, assist the children in the activities and keeping the activities going throughout the day. Two older youth are in charge of the activities but need help keeping it organized.
Volunteer applications can be completed by going to


President of the Board

About Uhambo:
Uhambo extends the mission and programs of the Uhambo Foundation of South Africa by engaging with strategic partnerships and developing resources in the US to create a greater impact for people with disabilities in in less resourced settings of Africa.
Uhambo achieves this by:
-Promoting and supporting the rights and equal participation
-Developing and creating opportunities for people with disabilities- economic and developmental opportunities
-Providing appropriate, holistic, needs-driven products and support services to positively impact the quality of life

Description: This role is ideal for a retired or semi-retired professional who is looking for a new and exciting role! The candidate must embrace and actively engage with resource development and be comfortable with an evolving small start-up organization that relies on technology (not in person) for meetings and communications.

The President will serve as the Director of Uhambo USAs Board of Directors, which advises, governs, oversees policy and direction, and assists with the leadership and general promotion of Uhambo so as to support the organizations mission and needs. Uhambo USAs Board of Directors includes professionals from around the US and meetings are held via Skype and conference call.

How candidates apply:
Please write a one-page letter of interest and submit your resume to

Volunteers with the Caring Companion Program spend time with a senior in order to give their caregiver the break they need. Volunteers spend 2 hours once a week with their senior match. Matches are based on common interest, personality, schedule and location throughout Larimer County. Spend time playing cards, talking together, listening to music, doing a craft or going for a walk. Scheduling is flexible, based on your availability.