NOTE: Any opportunities marked 'RESERVED' are not available for general registration.

Volunteers are needed on Tuesday, April 18th from 4:30 PM - 8:30 PM for a Community Poverty Simulation Hosted by United Way of Larimer County and the Coloradan!

Poverty Simulations are a powerful, experiential opportunity for people to learn about and engage in poverty reduction. By participating in a simulation, community members increase their understanding of the dynamics of poverty and experience, on a small scale, the struggle for self-sufficiency many people in Larimer County face.

Volunteers will play the role of community resource actors in the Poverty Simulation. Community resource actors represent the organizations, businesses, and agencies that participants must interact with in their "month" in poverty.

We will also need volunteers in the roles of registration, food monitor, and audio/visual assistance.

Volunteers need to arrive at 4:30 PM to receive a brief 15 minute orientation to their volunteer role.